1. Service description
Gacim Srl located In Vlora is the owner of online travel portal: www.hotelinalbania.com, www.albanialine.it, www.traghetti-on-line.it, www.hotelavalona.com, www.hoteladurazzo.com, www.hoteladhermi.com, www.hotelasaranda.com www.hotelaksamil.com www.hotelatirana.com. The Albanian travel Gacim Srl is a company based in Albania. Through our portal we operate as an intermediary between hotels and users, enabling the end user to contact directly the accommodation (Hotel, B & B etc.) at no additional cost. Our goal is to put in direct contact with the hotel in order to obtain the best rate in the web by eliminating additional commissions, the information is provided by the hotels. We do our best to ensure maximum accuracy of the information provided on this portal.
2. General conditions of service Hotel In Albania. 
The hotel is responsible for all information on the website Hotel In Albania (photo description map etc.) our goal is to offer through our portal Hotels In Albania the best facilities located throughout the Albanian territory, our staff periodically check personally the structures presents in our portal Hotels In Albania, in order to guarantee the maximum comfort Albania Hotels, our portal offers to the customer a feedback section, so every customer can choose the best accommodation according to the comments of our customers. Hotels In Albania is not liable in cases where some information provided by the hotel are not the truth.
3. OnLine Service
Through our portal Hotels In Albania the end-user may choose independently a stay in Albania by contacting the hotel directly, or through our offices.
4. Metod of payment, and taxes
Payment for each reservation made and to set between you and the hotel in case the reservation is through our offices is to be agreed according to customer requirements and the policies in each case the full payment of your booking is never anticipated, taxes are to set between the end user and the hotel anyway and in any case such amounts are to be determined on site or at the time of booking.
5. Cancellation policy, inquiries and refunds
The customer can cancel or change your prepaid reservation or other services, and any refund and to establish with the hotel the percentage of penalty in case of early cancellation of the reservation. Hotels In Albania is committed to ensuring the utmost willingness on the part of the hotel and especially provides qualified personnel present in Albania in order to provide full transparency on the part of the hotel.
6. Payment bookings:
All bookings made and in cases where you have to send an advance sum (deposit), this amount can be sent via credit card and/or bank transfer, in any case, our offices in Italy are always at guests ‘ disposal to provide any information on a case by case
7. Limitation of responsibility
Gacim Srl and therefore Hotels In Albania are not responsible for typing errors on the portal in any case our technicians and webmaster shall endeavour to ensure maximum effectiveness and information that de operating systems in Hotels In Albania. The Gacim Srl and therefore the portal Hotel In Albania makes no representations about the suitability of the information, software, products, and services on the website, so all the information on the website. The hotels on this site are independent contractors and not agents or employees of gacim srl and therefore for Hotels In Albania. Therefore the Gacim Srl talking Hotels In Albania is not responsible for errors, omissions, representations, warranties, etc of any suppliers and their employees or for some personal injury, death, property damage, or other damages or expenses resulting from these. The Gacim Srl and therefore Hotels In Albania has no responsibility in cases where the customer does not occur in hotel booked and is in no way due and reimburse any sum to the customer in cases where failure to use the services is caused directly by the customer.