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Durres Amphitheatre

The amphitheater was discovered in 1966 by the Gospels Toçi.Por most important data for the existence of the amphitheater gave prominent Albanian historiography, Marin Barleti century. XVIAi is the world’s largest antike.Ky amfitetatër is the largest and most important in Albania, which has an area large enough inside tij.Amfiteatri was built at the beginning of […]


Archaeological Museum of Durres

Restoration of archaeological finds and their exposure. Archaeological Museum of Durres has a fund of 3204 objects, of which 2,400 were exposed 21 March 2015, while the second phase, a museum with other structures. Among these, of course, is the merit of the archaeologist Gospels Toci, the creation of the museum in 1951, and the […]



Ancient city of Phoinikes found in Epirus, in your area Kaonisë currently Albania, not far from the coastal town of Saranda. Archaeological site, identified at the top of the hill which is located near the village of Phoinike gave signs of the presence of a prehistoric times, but the stone ruins visible today belong to […]


Manastiri of Mesopotamia

Monastery of St. Nicholas, known as the Mesopotamian Monastery, located in the southern part of the country Mesopotam in the district of Saranda, near the ancient city of Finiqit.Në beginning there was a pagan temple on its ruins and is filed Church St. Nicholas, which is thought to have been built at the time of […]


Castle Lekursio

Lekursi castle ruins of the village is located between the skin abandoned in 1878, on top of a high hill that rises in the shape of a pyramid. The almost square layout of the castle: 42 x 44 m with two rectangular towers on the western wall. Towers best preserved southeast tower, which in its […]


Blue Eye

From the bottom of the tunnel, through which the water comes to the surface, the source assumes the blue color, which resembles baby’s eye. But as the course starts, it begins to color kaltrës open. The vegetation surrounding the eye at the top of it is more like cilia, on the right is called “Blue […]


Baptisieri Albania

The shape of the monument circle of great value early Christian period, was built in the fourth century AD. It consists of two rooms: Room of Baptism and a room to the north. At the center of the hall of baptism is the baptismal font, which Fornea of ​​a cross, thought this room was covered […]


Temples of Butrint

Asclepius temple is dedicated to lord treatment. Asclepius was a healing antiquities so capable that it can be revived and the dead, and why Zeus killed in a moment of jealousy. His cult was very popular in the ancient world. The temple is bordered on the south wall blocks third or fourth century BC, which […]


Theater Butrintit

Butrint Theatre was built on the slope of the Acropolis hill overlooking the Vivari Channel. Exploitation of the natural slope provides a practical solution to the country where they were sitting, and this has been a common feature of ancient greek theater. Previously Theatre seems to have been very small. An increase of the century. […]



Butrint Butrint ancient name, is located southwest of Albania, 20 km south of the modern port of Saranda. Its location is spectacular: The ancient city occupies the main part of the hill that got wet from Vivari canal, a narrow road that links water Corfu today, 4 km west of Butrint, the inland lake with […]

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