Castle Lekursio

Lekursi castle ruins of the village is located between the skin abandoned in 1878, on top of a high hill that rises in the shape of a pyramid. The almost square layout of the castle: 42 x 44 m with two rectangular towers on the western wall. Towers best preserved southeast tower, which in its current state has a height of 7 m that reaches the floor of the second floor. Plans circular towers served as warehouses and are equipped turret, located approximately 1.20 meters apart. Inserting position towers is clear that control the direction of the castle was the sea. The walls are built with stones of limestone bound with mortar and reinforced with wood bands. The wall reaches 6.70 -7 m and a thickness of up to 2 m. Qarkoheshin a parapets described the door, covered with stones horizontal. Turrets have height 0.50 m, width of 0.35 meters and 0.04 by -0.06 out. Those that pass through the parapets on the walls are not so typical for firearms, which are larger than the turrets used for Ali Pasha. Once she held a garrison of about 200 soldiers and its construction belongs to the middle of the century. It ‘was established in 1537 when Sultan Suleiman attacked Corfu and was indispensable scaffolding control of road Saranda and Butrint Saranda, after the latter was taken from venencianët.

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on Jan 27, 2016