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Durres Amphitheatre

The amphitheater was discovered in 1966 by the Gospels Toçi.Por most important data for the existence of the amphitheater gave prominent Albanian historiography, Marin Barleti century. XVIAi is the world’s largest antike.Ky amfitetatër is the largest and most important in Albania, which has an area large enough inside tij.Amfiteatri was built at the beginning of the first century of Esaïe value has special architectural and artistic monuments can compare with the period of Pompeii and ancient Capua in Italy for a time, in this giant amfitetatër, were held gladiator fights 2700vjecar.Amfiteatri Durres .Amfitetatër there is room for about 20,000 spektatorë.Ai elliptical and axis greater is 120 meters long, while the shortest is 101 meters gjate.Amfiteatri Durres is constructed with brick walls and guri.Në this amphitheater were discovered many valuable archeological

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on Jan 27, 2016