Museum of Tirana

Mosaic of Tirana is the only archaeological monument within the territory of the capital. In 1972, while working for the construction of palaces “Partizan” in the district no. 9 of Tirana, were discovered the remains of an old building, one of the areas was laid with mosaics.


Botanical Gardens Tirana

Tirana Botanical Garden was founded in 1971. It covers an area of about 15 hectares. In grow some 1,400 species and subspecies of plants, especially in our country. Botanical Garden Service Unit at the University considered, depending directly from the Deanery of the Faculty of Natural Sciences. Botanical Garden is with scientific arguments ndyshme, where […]


National Gallery of arts

National Gallery is a state institution under the Ministry of Culture. It operates under the Act on Museums and National Cultural Heritage Law of the Republic of Albania. NGA works on the basis of his status, that is approved by the Ministry of Culture, as well as its internal regulations. National Gallery of Art has […]


Archaeological Museum

Ministries Square and Grand Boulevard, were significantly nucleus of the city, inspired by the Italian Renaissance addiction, and that reflects the desire of the authorities of the time to build a modern family-style contemporary architecture. This compound was made from a mixture of reinforced concrete and brick, with the use of decorative frames, small ornaments […]


Square Skenderbej

Skanderbeg Square is a square in the center of Tirana and is approximately 40,000 m² iShqipërisë largest square . This name it received in 1968 , where his arm was put monument Skanderbeg on horseback . Square surrounded by the Palace of Culture , Hotel Tirana , the National Museum and the Bank of Albania […]


National Historical Museum

On 28 October 1981 it inaugurated Kombëtar.Museo History Museum Natural History Museum is the largest institution in Albania and one of the most important. The construction of the National History Museum occupies a total area of 27,000 m2 and has an exhibition area of 18,000 m2 and a total volume of 81,000 m3. At the […]


Mosque of Ethem Beu

Ethem Bey, is a mosque built in Albania by Mulla Bey from Petrela, towards the end of the eighteenth century. The first door of the mosque, today found a sheet stating that the mosque was built by Mulla Bey, a rich man from Tirana, who deliberately charity laid the first foundations of the mosque in […]


Castle Preza

Set above the village of the same name, on a hill. It is a small castle, which began to be built in the fourteenth century and completed in the early fifteenth century by the local feudal Topia. Castle was declared “monument of culture”. Castle in the corners of his four circular towers. Ashton clock tower […]


Castle Bashtova

Archaeologists date from this medieval castle, then the Islamic period, the fifteenth and sixteenth century AD. Another castle served as a meeting place for storage of agricultural products which have been sold Matan sea. Through its forms and to get this, because it really was not designed for a real war, for a fierce battle […]


Castle Petrela

Castle Petrelë from discoveries made, is a medieval fortress built during the reign of the Byzantine Emperor Justianit I, VI century AD. This was one of the fortresses raised by him in the defense system of the Empire. Castle is built on a very steep with, also from the south and southeast robust, which have […]

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